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PC Gemilang revisited

Something I do in my free time, but nowadays seems to eat up into my entire life. Spent a good part of the day yesterday on phone conversations to make sure things are going the way it should be. My job mainly is to train the trainers now, and thats it – line has to […]

Will PC Gemilang succeed in Malaysian waters?

OK, my response might be a bit biased, but it’s because this is something dear to me – it should also be dear to the OSS community, with Fedora, Gnome, and OOo being key players here. Reading the recent Computimes article by Sharifah Kasim (google’s cache) I think it’s time some doubts be cleared. In […]

Sub-RM1000 open-source PCs

Well, the one home, one PC campaign (PC Gemilang) has been launched. 100,000 PCs are available, for RM998. Celeron 1.7GHz, 128MB RAM, 40GB disk, and Gigabyte motherboards. Including monitor, and full multimedia set; Microsoft XP Home and Microsoft Works Suite costs an additional RM149 (also known as Package B). Upgrade to a P4 2.4GHz with […]

Election promises: laptop for every student – well thought out?

The year 1995 was when I got my first laptop. It was made by Acer, came with a whopping 8MB of RAM (yes, megabyte, not gigabyte), and a 400MB hard disk (read more at an interview conducted in 2004). It shipped with Windows 3.1, but I shortly moved over to Linux when Windows 95 was […]

Fedora Daily Package; Full Circle Magazine; Low cost French computer

Filed in the “I wish I had done this, instead of just thinking about it and sitting on my arse” department. Fedora Daily PackageThe Fedora Daily Package is a great site. Chris Tyler, even gets to pimp his book! Its filled with nuggets of useful information, tips and tricks on how to get things going, […]

Intentionally left blank

For some reason, the last few days have been quite busy, and I’ve been sleeping a bit more (and I haven’t even been having a life). Started working on an updated guide for the Fedora PPC installs, but have yet to complete it. Tried Rawhide on x86, and found that i8xx_tco (the watchdog drivers) cause […]

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