Goodbye Terry

I’ve been so behind on lists, that when I finally did catch up, I found some amazingly bad news. Terry Teague, longtime Mac OS X contributor, has passed on. I met him at WWDC’04, and it was great talking to him. Little did I know he worked for Apple but kept it quiet online, till I met him, doing all sorts of amazing hardware related testing (he tends to write the Apple Hardware Test stuff you see on Disc 1 of some of your Macs). Showed me some cool things you could do, all on a floor! Didn’t get a chance to catch him at WWDC’05 this year, as he didn’t rock up, but in passing, we’re going to miss you mate.

Update: There’s a great eulogy to Terry. And his brother left a comment on this blog, mentioning if there were nice words, etc. it could be forwarded along to his e-mail address.


  1. Derek Teague says:

    Thank you for your kind words.
    If you or others have any email correspondence you wish to forward or share, please send to

    Derek Teague (Terry’s Brother)

  2. There’s also a thread at trinity (where Terry often appeared to help end-users troubleshoot their Mac OOo problems) where those of us who knew him from there have left our thoughts and remembrances.