“Open Source disrupts inefficient models and produces new wealth.”

Today’s keynote, by MySQL CEO Marten Mickos, was titled The Participatory & Disruptive Spirit of the Dolphin. Here are some random notes I took.

Tired                Wired
Packaged Apps        On-Demand
Closed Source        Open Source (jboss, php, mysql, apache, linux)
Complex Hardware     Commodity Hardware

Most innovative companies, are clearly wired, and are enjoying the technology market shifts. Small players can now swim around the big players.

“Open Source disrupts inefficient models and produces new wealth.”

Star Wreck – Finnish dry humor, production by amateurs, and exteremely popular. Catch it on YouTube?

“We hope you’ll travel to MECA” – MySQL Enterprise Connection Alliance. Probably not the most sensible comment, but it does humor in it ;-)

Serve the underserved – offer flying to those that would otherwise take a bus. Offer a database to people that would rather use a filesystem.

A smarter way to produce the goods and distribute them, this causes disruption.

2007 MySQL Applications of the Year

  • YouTube: #1 in online video
  • amp’d mobile: #1 in 3G mobile entertainment
  • Adobe: #1 in creative software (embeds MySQL in Acrobat and CS)

2007 MySQL Community Awards

  • Martin Friebe: quality contributor of the year. Everyone’s talking about his under-3 hour contribution in where his bug, was verified and fixed so quickly… Yet there are patches awaiting for years!
  • Paul McCullagh: code contributor of the year, thanks to the PBXT Storage Engine. Yes, PBXT is the hotness, its a single-man show that is a true community storage engine, that is feature laden, and performs really well!
  • Sheeri Kritzer: advocate, communicatior and facilitator of the year. Beware the SHE-BA, she’s got great blog entries, a superb podcast, and does so much cool things for the Community.

Never heard of amp’d, but its great to know that Adobe uses a lot of MySQL – Creative Suite 2, 3, and even Acrobat. That just rocks.

YouTube is clearly cool, I got a t-shirt when I visited their Google booth, and I was lamenting to them that they’d become just like Google in terms of recruitment – they spam! Apparently they’re looking for MySQL people, so if you’re after a job, and like online video and YouTube, they’ve got jobs awaiting. I on the other hand, walked there with my Senior Director of Human Resources, so we had a good chuckle :-)

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