Fedora more successful, developer-wise, than Ubuntu

Statistics are interesting. Every Fedora Project Contributor gets an @fedoraproject.org alias. So I’m presuming, this number is greater than just package maintainers…

Fedora, via Max Spevack:

  • non-RH maintainers: 276
  • RH maintainers: 202

total @fedoraproject.org aliases for package maintainers: 478

Ubuntu, via Daniel Robitaille:

  • 348

total @ubuntu.com aliases: 348

By the above, does it mean Fedora is way more successful than Ubuntu? Some detractors will say, RH has a lot more package maintainers than Canonical can afford. Sure. But an @fedoraproject.org “Fedora Membership” also extends to ambassadors, translators, etc. and not just package maintainers (so the number, 478 up there, is woefully under-reported). Sadly, I couldn’t find a nice easy way to show all the @fedoraproject.org aliases via the online pkgdb application.

Long gone are the days where these aliases were maintained in /etc/aliases by Seth and I ;-)

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One Comment

  1. James says:

    Ubuntu also includes all the work done by Debian, so you can’t compare it directly with Fedora.