New Year’s note, 2014

DSCF1396 As is becoming tradition, this year we celebrated the New Year’s Eve in London, and on New Year’s day we moved from London to Zurich. We woke up on New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam, so there were a lot of British Airways plane rides (now offering gate-to-gate usage of your tablets, kindles, phones). This past year, we threw the usual Christmas open house and only left on the 26th — something that I think was very useful, as I got to see a lot of old friends whom I don’t normally manage to catch up with (noon-8pm this time around).

In terms of travel, 2013 brought on 27 trips (36 last year), visiting 17 countries (20 last year), and 35 cities (42 last year). I only spent 223 days on the road (262 last year), and did 305,399 miles (456,110 miles previously). I’m still on my 28th trip so the stats are a bit munged now.

2014 is something I’m looking forward to. There are lots of exciting things brewing. I plan to travel a little less, looking at having more of a home base. I’m writing this after an exciting day walking around Zurich. I haven’t written a retrospective of 2013, and I never seem to do (i.e. look back), but when I look forward, I just see good things happening overall. Think positive, and all that ;-)

I’m taking more photos again (I now carry a more pocketable camera, the Fujifilm X-E2, which I picked up before Christmas). OK, signing off, time to go back to real life. Happy New Year’s! May it be prosperous for you (heard on British Airways, its clear the influence from China is now stronger).