Life with Rona — Day 5

I woke up past my alarm, because it turns out the alarm did not ring. My iPhone seemed to have been completely dead (despite being plugged into the charger) and I had to do the Up/Down Volume then long press the power button. This is the first time it has happened to this iPhone (new, big, 3 cameras), though I’ll admit the uptime on the phone must have been weeks because I don’t power cycle it (it only gets a reboot during a software update which I feel I haven’t done in a while; all hail automatic updates).

I did something weird today — I got out the yoga mat, and joined some 500+ people at Ping’s Booty Popping class which she did live on Instagram. I mounted the iPad Pro on a chair and got a 30+ minute workout that got the Apple Watch happy. It is kind of a HIIT workout, so I hope I don’t feel pain tomorrow. I also did a 2.5+ minute plank (It was supposed to be a 5 minute plank, also via Nick who had given the push up challenge of yesterday). Spin instructors, always keeping you moving even when you don’t have a bike!

Enjoyed a bit more of the GrabFood subsidy via venture capitalists and ordered from Kenny Rogers today (same buy 2 get 1 free deal). I haven’t had Kenny Rogers in quite sometime (think a decade?) and it tasted quite good with the side dishes; besides who can pass up a RM16/meal deal?

I did get some work done, a bit of reading, and a bit of chatting. There was also a 2.5h Zoom hangout with my close set of friends (seems that this is getting longer). We just lamented that we left school approximately 20 years ago and now we see the IB exams are postponed (not happening in May, affecting 200,000 students). We did the O Level examinations, which were also around the same timeframe, 20 years ago. How time flies, and I never would have expected we’d be under a Movement Control Order.

The entire talk this weekend is how the MCO will be extended by another 2 weeks. The effects are going to be extremely detrimental and the government seems extremely clueless as to doing anything (and they love clawing back things, i.e. when people made noise about a 150% raise in prices of masks from 80 sen to RM2, they seemed to have rolled it back; now they’re saying only the head of the household can go out to buy groceries). In other news, what seems to be a rumour is that they don’t want you going a 10km radius around your home; all in ridiculous if true. There is so much fake news being spread though… it is shocking.

Singapore has virtually imposed border controls without calling it that. Thailand seems to have a surge in cases and my friends in Bangkok are in for a 3 week “lockdown”. London clearly seems to be focused on more lockdowns as well; and a nice beautiful sunny Sunday has gotten people out but not apart from each other. Parks are closing in response. We can’t have nice things because people abuse them!

I did my Sunday morning weigh in and I’m pleased that the weight is dropping a little despite not being able to spin (or hit the elliptical; or swim). I guess it also has a lot to do with eating a controlled portion of food, and ensuring I get a long break between an early dinner and breakfast (not religious about intermittent fasting; if it happens, it happens).

Malaysia is now at 10 deaths, most still linked to the tabligh cluster. What goes on at a Tablighi Jamaat event? I’ve read the Wikipedia entry, a few articles about people who were there, but there is nothing extremely comprehensive of how this several day affair leads you to have such a high infection rate. What was good was that today, at least from the Galen Centre, we see the amount of hospital beds, and the usage rate of the ICU and if memory serves, it is less than 20% utilised at the moment. But a lot of doctors themselves are also getting sick thanks to lying patients. I am reminded of Dr. Gregory House (I watched all of House, M.D.; even own a handful of DVDs; so sad to see it is not streaming on Netflix) who believes that Everybody Lies.

In other news, an old friend, Sabri (hi!), mentioned someone else is keeping a quarantine blog, so here’s Paolo. And Niki is blogging again.