Life with Rona — Day 7

Day started early, to start on work, have breakfast, and also do Ping’s booty popping class. Who knew an Instagram live stream would be so fun? I’m going to do Ishaq & Nick’s class tomorrow as well (both are in my top 5 instructors at flycyle).

Lunch was yesterday’s nasi lemak, fried up like fried rice (nasi lemak goreng). Tea was a slice of cheesecake. Dinner lately is becoming a thing of the past, but I will be up early tomorrow and there would be no IF or anything.

Been looking at the 2020 iPad Pro’s and it looks like from a performance perspective, I don’t need it. This is great, because I’ll only be buying the new keyboard, so some expenses in May then.

We see London practically lockdown like Malaysia, but you do get to go out once for exercise! Paris has pretty harsh lockdowns. Singapore is also more or less moving towards a lockdown. Been talking to friends about ensuring we continue our Cambodian house build later in October; so far all is as per plan.

I saw Malaysia’s Health DG, Hisham today on TV. Articulate, and he’s not just a good health DG, he could easily be the Health Minister, or heck, even the Prime Minister. He handled the press conference very well. We’re at 15 deaths now. I view that as a great use of thirty minutes.

Stocks… markets seem to be up today. KL. USA. Everywhere. REITS are not the safe haven they once were… we’ve seen Invesco Mortgage Capital say they can no longer fund margin calls. Malaysia’s Bank Negara has told banks that there is an automatic moratorium to be applied for all loans; and credit card debt can move to a 3 year max term loan with a max interest of 13%. This is going to free up a lot of liquidity during the time of Covid-19, and will ensure that defaults reduce (they’ll happen, just not as soon as you think).

Time to read and hit the sack, early morning again.