Life with Rona — Day 42

Up with relatively little sleep, had puttu for breakfast, bread (sourdough) for lunch, and for dinner it was pasta, mopped up with more bread. I’ve also been having some kombucha which I’ve grabbed from ChaCha.

Malaysia’s Covid-19 situation: 5,851 (+31) total cases, 4,032 (+75) recoveries, 100 (+1) dead. 36 in ICU beds, with 17 on ventilators.

Malaysia’s King is now concerned about the economic impact. Better late than never! In what seems like the government running on 2 tracks, MITI now says if you’re in an approved industry you can run at 100%. Why the sudden U-turn for the current phase of MCO? They seem to be silent on SOPs which is ridiculous. Even better? Malaysia attended to tabligh cluster nine days too late, says Health DG. Do you know what happened 9 days before March 9? Best to read this Wikipedia piece: 2020 Malaysian political crisis.

In other news, 42 days… we should have ended this tomorrow, but are still stuck. Lots of good things happen after 40-42 days, if you read religious texts…