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SSL and MariaDB/MySQL

With the recent Heartbleed bug, people are clearly more interested in their MariaDB/MySQL running with SSL and if they have problems. First up, you should read the advisory notes: MariaDB, Percona Server (blog), and MySQL (blog). Next, when you install MariaDB (or a variant) you are usually dynamically linked to the OpenSSL library that the system […]

MySQL with yaSSL vulnerability

It’s worth noting that if you’re using MySQL 5.0/5.1, with SSL enabled, and you’re using yaSSL as opposed to OpenSSL, you’re vulnerable to CVE-2009-4484. Its a buffer overflow, that works over TCP, via the MySQL port, 3306. Lenz furnished us with some information, and the patch is available. You’ll see this rocking when MySQL 5.1.43 […]

CentOS, CentOSPlus, and MySQL versions shipping there

Peter posted that CentOS comes with a build of MySQL Enterprise. It should really be clarified that CentOS itself, comes with MySQL Community, as does Red Hat Enterprise Linux. On RHEL5/CentOS5, you’ll see: mysql-5.0.22-2.2.el5_1.1 mysql-server-5.0.22-2.2.el5_1.1 The above are the default packages that CentOS provides. However, what Peter really is referring to is the CentOSPlus Repository, […]

Lacking sha1sum?

So, I need my Fedora fix on x86. But I also wanted to verify disc 3 badly, seeing that I had to download it over many segments. Come OpenSSL to the rescue. openssl dgst -sha1 FC4-i386-disc{1,2,3,4).iso That magic command gave me the right sha1sum’s, to match with the SHA1SUM that is provided. man openssl and […]

Evolution syncs!

I really want to sync mail between the desktop and the laptop, now that I have a working desktop. So I gave MultiSync from CVS a shot (requires evolution-devel, openssl-devel on FC). Not bad, it does Contacts, Calendar and Tasks, but no Mail (and really, I don’t use the other features often). Multisync however has […]