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MySQL offering Ubuntu support; the Forge is live!

Hey, hey, this is well worth a read: MySQL to Offer Linux Bundled with Database as Free Download.

So, the MySQL Forge has been announce and has been live for a while… Even the Forge Wiki has content that isn’t created by me! Ha, the community at work…

And Ubuntu, now supported by MySQL. There’s a relationship there. Mark Shuttleworth gave a great keynote, talked about the relationship with upstreams, the new MySQL relationship they have, and how he was really excited to be here. Thawte I believe, ran on MySQL :-)

If there’s one thing to take away from his talk it’d have to be the fact that he’s also a VC and a lot of people ask him for money. Don’t go to a VC and tell them, “Hey, I’ve got Project Y, and I expect it to be the next X.” Why be the next X, you want to be unique, yes?

All that aside, I guess I can mention in public what I’ve been up to for a while… Well, the press release mentioned it. Whatever. So, now all we have to do is plod on for June 1st, and thats a good one month more for me to work hard at this…

And you thought I was a big fan, tracking him almost every month, in a different country, or a different continent!
(well, actually I am :P)