Colin Charles Agenda

Jan/Feb 2016 MariaDB Server related worklog

Yearly reviews happen but when you’re moving in a fast paced world like the Internet (they say every 3 months on the Internet is like a real world year, right?) its nice to keep track of what happens from time-to-time.

Back in the good ‘ole days of Monty Program Ab, we kept up this idea of “weekly reports”, which included time spent, because according to the Hacking Business Model that meant you would add it all up, multiply it by a VIP number, and find out how many shares you would gain. This had the nice tradeoff that you would count how much you’ve worked, and watch how much time you’d “overwork” (or underwork) in a 2-week period, and anything in excess of 75 hours was noted in a field called “balance hours”. You could then take this time off at your will, just like vacation time (which was extremely generous at MPAb). Bottom-line: you were rewarded for every bit of time you put into the company!

Long story short, since quite a lot of the work I do is public-facing, I might as well try keeping logs of what happens in a public fashion, no?

Short January, I spent half of it on vacation (year end thing) and the other half working. February was a little longer but I also spent a week on vacation. Got to love all the public holidays that are peppered in-between.