rawhide 20050526 misbehaving

Groan. The 20050526 rawhide PPC tree is misbehaving. iBook g3 doesn’t seem to want to get installed – parted keeps on whinging at me (#159047). Which really seems to have been the 2nd time such an issue appeared – dkl encountered one about two weeks back too. On the Mac mini, I’m faced with the screen just going blank a little after yaboot gets kernel parameters (#159050. Coming so close to release time, I’m worried… Paul’s taken a stab at the inclusion for PPC release notes – all looking good.

So, Trinity College dumped Debian for a bunch of G5’s and Tiger. And the part that saddens me is that they won’t be using OpenOffice.org on OS X.

I have taken an affinity to financial software, and Linux offerings. Xinvest will not compile with GCC4 (it could do with some cleanups). Currency_Converter is a useful shell script, that needs to be patched to remove annoying IRC relation, and it becomes a nice console app afterward. Couldn’t get getquotes to work as Finance::YahooQuote seemed to fail a test with my rawhide snapshot. phpfin and essential budget seem like candidates for review; next up is mastering GNUCash.