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I have professional interests in & working relationships with the following companies/associations:

  • MariaDB (and the MySQL ecosystem, including SkySQL)

Malaysian companies/associations I have any affiliations with are:

  • GI.Conferences

I have (had) working relationships with:

  • Google – I have received a Google HTC Nexus One mobile phone, for development purposes.
  • Nokia – I have received a Nokia N770 Internet Tablet, a Nokia N97 and a Nokia N900 from them. In a contest held in July 2010, I also happened to win a Nokia X6 32GB edition, and a 12-month subscription to Comes With Music.
  • IBM – I have received a PowerMac G5 from them, to pursue Linux/PowerPC development.
  • Apple – I have received numerous bits of hardware (laptops mostly) from 2004-2007, while I focused on PowerPC development as well as the OpenOffice.org Mac OS X port. These also included scholarships to visit Apple’s developer conference, WWDC on a yearly basis.
  • Genesi – I have received an Open Desktop Workstation (ODW) for PowerPC development.

I wish to thank the above companies for items received, and continue to work towards improving stuff in the technology sphere.

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