New year, going on 8 years

It’s Week 1 of the New Year. I hit the ground running. No end of year celebrations as the start of the year brought setting up a retail presence at 7am!

This blog has been around since January 2004. Eight years of constant ramblings. I’ve written a lot less in recent times, preferring to go short form and tweet instead. But I keep coming back here due to the permanent nature of writing on something that I own and control.

I can now write on my phones, iPad, or laptop so I’m beginning to think I should focus on writing a lot more. Distilling thoughts.

2012 is expected to be exciting. If the first week has anything to show for it, it’s going to be very little rest, but lots of fun doing tonnes of amazing things. Opportunities for growth are endless.

2011 was awesome, in a nutshell. I should really look into writing a retrospective, but I’m too busy focusing on the present & future. I travelled a lot, saw many new places, made many new friends, and really enjoyed quality time spent with the people I care about.

As for this blog, it’s going to go back to becoming an activity log of sorts. Back to its roots 8 years ago. It will become more personal and dilution with posterous will stop (now to import all my previous content).

2012 however is going to be the year I do experiments in new content & media. So prior warning that if you’re on rss, there’s probably going to be more activity.

Here’s to an awesome 2012. Make the most of your remaining 51 weeks. Remember to just do awesome stuff.