Colin Charles Agenda 2008 in summation

It’s over! I can’t speak for the others, but I know I’m still recovering. In summary: the event was awesome.

The Organising Committee

First, a word of thanks, to the people that didn’t get enough of it – the amazing organising committee, who scurried around for both the days (and much before that too – besides, we only had 43 days), to make sure things were a-happening. In no particular order:

The Volunteers
Thank you for taking time off from your busy weekend, to come spend time with a bunch of free and open source lovers. There has to also be a special mention to Sean, who single-handedly sorted out the logo for us, early in the game.

The rest
Speakers, you rock. Without you, there would be no event in under 45 days (on Sunday, led the 45th day).

Sponsors, you rock. Without you, this event would have to cost a lot more money, and nobody would have liked that.

If I missed anyone, E&OE.

In conclusion
I believe has been deemed as a technical conference. Fluffy talks weren’t taken kindly to, even during the lighting talk sessions.

I believe will continue to exist in 2009.

I believe will be longer than two days, to ensure that there is enough time to move in between rooms, hack while you’re there, and so on.

So, to 2009, bigger and better, and a lot more well planned, than 2008 :) Don’t forget to give us feedback.