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Life with Rona — Day 17

Up early for HIIT by Ishaq. Loved it. Was pretty hard. Measuring the Internet speeds I am getting and I can say it is very flappy — I’m getting between 1/6th of what I’m paying for, to sometimes exactly what I’m paying for (but to be fair, I’m getting mostly 2/3rds of what I’m paying for especially when it comes to international bandwidth). We’re also getting 1GB free data on our mobile plans (so even my iPad has more data), and will I even consume it all before they expire? No.

One meal today was from GrabFood (spicy nasi lemak, with pork rendang), and the other was at home (sausages, baked beans+egg).

Malaysia has 3,333 confirmed Covid-19 cases, 53 deaths, and recovery rate of nearly 25%. Singapore has also basically got a MCO for a month, but they are calling it a “circuit breaker”. Some of it is different, i.e. you can still exercise outdoors in neighbourhood parks. 4 weeks from the get-go, for two incubation cycles (so this is very much like Malaysia’s stance). Read more at: Coronavirus: Most workplaces to close, schools will move to full home-based learning from next week, says PM Lee. Seems they’ve found more clusters at Singapore Cricket Club, and the MBS rooftop bar. Back to Malaysia… the 10km distance thing from your home, is now at the discretion of the police officer you encounter.

One more thing about Singapore — the idea of wearing masks (and the government providing some to households) is smart. They’re breaking from WHO tradition, and there is likely also a paper supporting this theory, at least for symptomatic patients: Respiratory virus shedding in exhaled breath and efficacy of face masks. I am more or less convinced that we all should wear masks when we’re outside. I presume that this makes going to a spin class just a little more expensive for me because I’ll have to wear one before/after; then again, if I am just getting out of my car to the studio and back, maybe I’ll be fine.

Life with Rona — Day 16

This is an experiment in delayed reportage. Maybe I will do this every morning, and focus on the previous day? Main reason is I had to wake up today (Day 17) for an early HIIT class and yesterday I was supremely tired from all the work I did… Ozark is over, and I’ve started on Better Call Saul but it didn’t even last 10 minutes for me.

Yesterday’s exercise was by someone new to me — Calvin at Flyproject. Seems he only does HIIT and not spin. Explains why I’ve never had him before. Ate at home again.

Love waking up to find your Mac completely restarted. No issue, it was a macOS 10.15.4 automatic update. But still, I’d like to choose if I can defer them.

Covid-19 front: We’re now at 3,116 cases, 50 deaths, and a huge amount of recoveries (as expected) – 122 yesterday, bringing the total to 767. I’m glad people are realising that flattening the curve isn’t zero cases (it is to ensure there are enough ICU beds and doctors don’t have to choose who gets a ventilator), and we may have peaks in mid-April. But maybe the most interesting statistic? Health D-G: 80pc of Malaysia’s Covid-19 cases asymptomatic or have mild signs of infection We are quarantining them out of precaution. Which begs the question — why don’t we all just be masked, wear gloves if you want to, but wash your hands frequently, socially distance, and just get on with life, as is? April 10 is now the day they’re claiming they’ll decide if MCO ends in Phase 2 or not… Singapore has identified a few new clusters, and Mustafa Centre a place where many shop has a huge number of cases linked to that.

A lot of people seem to be developing cabin fever. So far, the only thing from that list of symptoms that I have is changes in weight (1/13), which is weight loss. But this has been planned and in the works for sometime. My goal is to be 70kg before my next birthday, and the deadline set was end-April; I thought I’d have to push it back but I’m doing daily HIIT style workouts at home, so I think this is going to be okay.

One article that caught my eye in the FT: Muslims fear backlash of India’s coronavirus fury. Their cluster in India, is from Tablighi Jamaat. Malaysia’s largest cluster is from the same event (with 5th generation spread). I asked on Day 5 what goes on at said event… I’m still curious. How does this change things in Malaysia?

As for Malaysia, it is also worth noting theft is increasing — either while you’re standing outside to buy groceries or medicine. As are house break-in’s. Which is likely them not coming on a motorbike but as a gang. These are troubling times, and I don’t know if we can depend quickly enough on the police force to act. Stay safe takes on a whole other meaning.

Life with Rona – Day 15

Oura was unhappy with everything but what is new. Ate at home again so it is good to be self sufficient! Enjoyed a 5pm workout with Ping. Work is still busy.

From the Covid-19 front, it is interesting to see that intelligence reports suggest that China is faking numbers. Flat out, “the report concludes that China’s numbers are fake.” China Concealed Extent of Virus Outbreak, U.S. Intelligence Says.

Malaysia has made the MCO a little more drastic — you only can go a 10km radius from your house to buy food/groceries. And everything that is allowed to operate does so from 8am-8pm. I’ve seen a lot of videos of the police telling people to make U-turns at roadblocks.

It is possible the MCO is working in terms of curve flattening, but without effective understanding of social distancing after this, say at a Ramadan bazaar, things are going to get ugly again. We are also seeing things like Tower Regency Hotel in Ipoh shut down at the end of the month (yes, there will be more casualties).

We see a bit more flip flopping, i.e. NGOs running soup kitchens can now send aid with supervision. Singapore leads the way again with regards to moratoriums, Individuals can apply to defer property loan, insurance premium payments amid COVID-19: MAS, which are better deals than what Malaysia has offered so far; incidentally, Singapore has also said that they will help retrenched Malaysians find jobs (which is great for the brain drain).

Life with Rona – Day 14

Oura was pleased with everything but Activity, oh well. Spent most of the day working (as one might be able to tell how late this dispatch is coming out). Achieved another perfect month with the Apple Watch. Woohoo. All meals were consumed at home today, not getting takeout (I think I’ll try this tomorrow too).

Today marks a whole month of not seeing an airport, not sitting in an airplane, or staying at a hotel. This hasn’t happened to me maybe since 2004. This is a very weird feeling. I have also not gone anywhere for 14 days, enjoying the confines of my home. It would be a lie if I said I didn’t miss being on the road.

I didn’t pay attention to the 5pm press conference since I did a workout with Aiman Ox. To play along in the next 14 days, follow Ping and/or Flyproject.

We’re at 43 deaths (1.55% of total cases), we’ve also had heaps get discharged. Seems if you come to Malaysia after April 3, you get to a 14-day quarantine centre automatically. This is going to want to make Malaysians return, eh? Better wait for the MCO to be over… apparently compliance for stay-at-home notices are around 75%, which means we only have fellow Malaysians to thank for crazier times. Incidentally, they claim Ramadan bazaars can start post-MCO; of course with effective social distancing… and for a bit of comedy, ‘Talk like Doraemon’: Malaysian ministry issues tips for wives during COVID-19 movement control order.

It was not long ago we had a Minister talk about drinking water. And now this gaffe. They’re probably going after who could win an Ig Noble Prize or something. But if they’re all this dumb, how did they manage a coup to take over government?

I’m beginning to think that the WHO are not as competent as we think; maybe more politicians than we expect, instead of being public health officials. They’ve played down this thing quite a bit, didn’t heed Taiwan’s advice about human to human transmissions, and still say masks aren’t required but frontliners need it more. I am beginning to think masks make sense for when we go out post-MCO (or even if you go out now). I’m not even saying medical masks… reusable, fashionable ones.

Anyway, maybe a hint of Ozark and then bed. It is late. Tomorrow was supposed to be the return to normal life, but we begin Phase 2 of the MCO…

Life with Rona – Day 13

An early morning with Nick, and he had some fun boy bands as music. Enjoyed it as always. All meals squared off in the house today.

Malaysia’s situation is a handful more deaths, a huge amount of discharged patients (expect this to happen more), and another lockdown, this time a condominium building in the heart of KL. They’re detaining more people for breaking the MCO, and also imposed stricter conditions from April 1: everything that is allowed to operate, operates from 8am-8pm, and then it is a shutdown afterwards, and definitely no more than one person in a car going forward (I guess you have to have a reasonable excuse to have two folk in a car).

Been busy with work, and now mentally spent that it is time to go catch an episode of Ozark.

Life with Rona – Day 12

Caught far too much Ozark before crashing, so awake, breakfast, and it was time for Ping’s morning session. Enjoyed it as always. Calorie wise, burnt the most so far from all these HIIT workouts, so I am getting there, slowly, but surely. Weighed in upon waking up and was pleasantly surprised… I sure hope to reach my goal in April.

We had a pretty big spike in Covid-19 deaths in Malaysia today, but as numbers go, we’re about 1.4% or so in terms of death rates. Another location, this time within the Klang Valley, somewhere in Hulu Langat is on the Extended Movement Control Order (aka a lockdown). Malaysiakini’s Covid-19 coverage has also gone free; has taken them sometime, and again as a subscriber I am happy to see this happen (far too much fake news out there). Incidentally, we had five mosques run on Friday, but you’ll hear nothing of this on social media (joggers in Mont Kiara though, let’s hate on all the “rich” T20s).

I have been watching social media conversations around the hatred for the “T20 group” in Malaysia. It is frankly, appalling. It is clear that many within the T20 also have “foot in mouth disease”. I firmly believe that when empathy stops, disrespect begins. Malaysians need to be more empathetic across all economic statuses; this is something the early Internet users understod, where we never had barriers based on nationality, race, creed, or economic status. We were inclusive. Malaysian need to be Malaysian. In the end, it is clear lack of understanding, so much emphasis placed on “luck” (rich got rich by being lucky not by working; luck always plays a role, but do not assume that there wasn’t hard work there…; the other side is poor are poor by choice — who wants to be poor?), and simply not understanding Parkinson’s Law. It applies to finances just as well — (complete hypothetical follows: when you’re B40, your handbag may be from Bonia, when you’re M40 from Coach and when you’re T20, Prada). There are other examples even from brands of rice! The economy lives on credit, which is again why you have Perodua, Toyota, and Volvo’s.

Anyway, this whole MCO, and the coronavirus is going to cause an economic downturn that many have not lived through. Jobs across all sectors are going to be an issue. I’ve seen SME owners already stating they’re thinking of closing down. This is going to get ugly.