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Life with Rona – Day 45

Again, up with far too little sleep. Bread with some chestnut spread from Paris, in addition to fresh cucumber and celery juice. Early dinner was chicken rice, with char siew. Very yummy. Did a workout before that with Nick. It was “metabolic conditioning”, and I enjoyed that tremendously (the calorie burn was insanely good). Interestingly, I achieved my Oura activity goal after so long (it is hard during the MCO to get 450 active calories burnt).

Malaysia’s Covid-19 situation: 6,071 (+69) total cases, 4,210 (+39) recoveries, 103 (+1) dead. 37 in ICU beds, 14 on ventilators.

It looks like the government has decided the MCO could end earlier… well, a “controlled MCO”? CMCO? Monday May the 4th, pretty much everything can open, except what is still banned. Notice the barbers didn’t make the cut this time? Anyway, why the rush? Is it because the economy is tanking and there is no more fiscal support? It is also unfortunate that with EMCO areas, they’re going to carry out immigration raids. This is the time to show compassion! Also this re-opening, while it had to happen likely by May 13, one wonders why they rushed it to May 4? Why not get people used to the fact that things are going to open, and they would need to follow SOPs? Of course, MKN’s website went down today (WordPress, MySQL), which is unsurprising.

As for me, I’m going to follow the rules (MCO ends May 12), and still continue my challenge of staying sheltered in place. I hope it is worth it. Besides, gyms aren’t opening, and I can’t hit the pool anyway. Clubs seem to be re-opening on 4th of May, and I’ll be sure to drop by on the 13th.

Life with Rona – Day 44

Had about 6 hours of sleep, Oura was not pleased. Roti telur for breakfast and pizza for dinner. Ping’s exercise and launch of new studio today. Woohoo. Will have to do Nick’s class, remedially, tomorrow morning. As usual, got my Apple Watch April 2020 badge for completing my move goals (all under and MCO where I never left my house).

Malaysia’s Covid-19 situation: 6,002 (+57) total cases, 4,171 (+84) recoveries, 102 (+2) dead. 36 in ICU beds, 14 on ventilators.

What oh what is happening in Malaysia… we see the shuttering of Blu Inc, which employs over 180 people, and they made so many magazine titles (albeit none that I’ve bought recently). We’ve seen the likes of Hilton KL offer retention, and retrenchment packages (but nothing is odd here, it is common amongst most of the hotels forced to shut under the MCO). But maybe most interesting are the rumours of the lockdowns being eased as soon as Monday, the Fourth of May. It all started with a piece from China Press, but seems to be confirmed by TMI, and Malaysiakini. So maybe things are getting to a stage where the government is taking things seriously?

Though, some hire purchase loan promises (for car loans), seem to be walked back today, and people are a flutter. However I think the government never talked to the banks about this when they made an announcement and likely didn’t even read the Act carefully. They should have compensated the banks, but nope, they expected the banks to take on the brunt of it.

Let us see what 11am brings… will we see an eased MCO? The new normal?

Life with Rona — Day 43

Up rather late, because I slept in, and Oura was pleased (Readiness and Sleep crowns). I felt I needed the lie in. Sourdough bread (different mix), usual soft boiled eggs for breakfast, cauliflower fried rice for lunch and dinner was a nasi lemak combo. I did a Theresa workout (via the Mandarin Oriental account), and I forgot to mention yesterday it was Sharlene (via Fly).

Malaysia’s Covid-19 situation: 5,945 (+94) total cases, 4,087 (+55) recoveries, 100 dead. 40 in ICU beds, 18 on ventilators.

We are seeing MITI announce that approved industries can go up ot 100% capacity, during this current phase of the MCO. Now, 2 people can be in a car together to get essentials/groceries. And you can go further than a 10km radius (they still say radius, not distance from your home). All this without Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which they seem to be almost silent about.

We are headed for disaster if there are no SOPs. We need to reopen the economy, but we need to have guidelines of what the new normal is to be. I’ve been collecting a list of hotel closures.

Signing off, it is past 4am now! The thing about working with people in other timezones…

Life with Rona — Day 42

Up with relatively little sleep, had puttu for breakfast, bread (sourdough) for lunch, and for dinner it was pasta, mopped up with more bread. I’ve also been having some kombucha which I’ve grabbed from ChaCha.

Malaysia’s Covid-19 situation: 5,851 (+31) total cases, 4,032 (+75) recoveries, 100 (+1) dead. 36 in ICU beds, with 17 on ventilators.

Malaysia’s King is now concerned about the economic impact. Better late than never! In what seems like the government running on 2 tracks, MITI now says if you’re in an approved industry you can run at 100%. Why the sudden U-turn for the current phase of MCO? They seem to be silent on SOPs which is ridiculous. Even better? Malaysia attended to tabligh cluster nine days too late, says Health DG. Do you know what happened 9 days before March 9? Best to read this Wikipedia piece: 2020 Malaysian political crisis.

In other news, 42 days… we should have ended this tomorrow, but are still stuck. Lots of good things happen after 40-42 days, if you read religious texts…

Links on Rona #1

I have been reading a lot, and tweeting a bunch of links, but maybe it is time to go back to legit long form blogging. There has been so much to read, and also so much to extract, that I should not be trying to fit things into 280 characters.

Life with Rona — Day 41

Up early to get working. Lunch and dinner was finished up yesterday’s fish briyani. Didn’t do a FlyProject workout, but 3 repetitions of Ping’s workout that I got from the Heineken Malaysia Instagram TV page. Much more fun. Work ended around 1.30am…

Malaysia’s Covid-19 situation: 5,820 (+40) total cases, 3,957 (+95) recoveries, 99 (+1) death toll. Only 37 patients are in ICU beds (17 on ventilators).

We claim to be wanting to do 22,000 Covid-19 tests next week. We are also seeing more hotels close down, e.g. Mercure Penang by Plenitude Bhd (public listed company), and even a hotel I’ve stayed at plenty of times (previously known as the Four Points by Sheraton Penang). It seems to be affecting several in Penang and Ipoh. We’ve also seen public listed companies like Sapura Energy cut management salaries by 50%, but worse, there will be a reduction in force, and also 5-45% pay cuts. Genting Malaysia did this before, as well.