2019 ends

Another year comes to a close. I’m in Kuala Lumpur (3rd year running) for New Year’s, and for the first time in a long time, I’m actually happy to be here. KL is growing on me.

Travel stats: 30 trips, 219 days on the road, 388,834 km travelled, 45 cities, 16 countries. This is 1 trip more than 2018, 30 days less on the road (!), 2,285km less, 4 countries less and 12 cities less. Nothing particularly stood out, though I did visit Richmond, VA, Chiang Mai, Thailand (will return) and Koh Samui, Thailand (will definitely return; besides my hotel and another villa, I saw nothing) for the first time. In what is also rare, I did not make it to Seoul all year (compared to every month during the heyday, keeping it under 60 days per year). I did go to Bali twice, which I enjoyed immensely.

Overall, I consider that I spent quite a bit of my time drifting, coasting, et al. but found my rhythm in the second half of the year. I have started paying attention to being fit and healthy, and maybe that is the best change I’ve made to my life. I’ve also generally quit drinking alcohol, so if I have a glass to toast with you, you’ve got to be extremely special (or it is an extremely special occasion).

I welcome 2020 with arms wide open.