Colin Charles Agenda 2009 !=

Just to set the record straight, 2009 has no relation to They have a different theme, a highly swank location (i.e. not a place of higher education), it is not community run (there are community members in the committee though), and its sponsored by MDEC.

In fact, I’m not even sure what the event is called – it may differ between to MSC Mad props to the folk behind the real OSDC (community run, in a different city within Australia) and O’Reilly’s OSCON, since their names are really popular :-)

Now, what about 2009? Its about time we started planning for the event. 2008 was most successful, held during November 8-9 2008, but a lot of students complained — they didn’t like the time, as they had exams before or after the event (heck, even one of the crew members, had an exam the next day!).

So, let me ask a few questions, and feel free to reply in comments:

  1. What timeframe would work best for 2009? In terms of a month, is September or October better? Keep in mind we don’t want other event clashes.
  2. Do you want 2009 to be longer? Two days, with two tracks, seemed to be a little short for people.
  3. If so, how many days do you want 2009 to be?
  4. Do you want it to run through the weekend (so maybe Saturday, Sunday, Monday)?

International folk should answer this too… because you’ll probably be coming to attend, to speak, to mingle, etc. Do you want to come at a time when Malaysia has a colourful event? Do you want to see parts of KL or other parts of Malaysia?

Disclosure: I don’t speak for anyone else on the past/current/future committee, just myself.