An amusing rush

So, with the 2.10 release, libwnck (metacity) sort of behaves funny in the sense that my GAIM windows don’t pop-up anymore. Its true, the current method of not stealing focus is a good one, but I felt it was important for IM. Havoc made an interesting post with options that we could work around, and reading back, the adding “URGENT” flashing to tasklist is a solution (that requires some coding effort). Otherwise, for IM purposes Guifications works really well. nosnilmot packaged them for review at his site, and if you’re lazy to rebuild rpm’s, I’ve got them built against a rawhide snapshot from post-test2 here.

Fighting with QEMU. Its broken in Extras with GCC4 (log) and its also broken when I attempt a “export GCC=gcc32” (log). All on a stock QEMU 0.6.1, which I’d really like to get going before Wednesday, for the LCA kernel hacking tute. Paul Brook pointed me to missing FORCE_RET on store ops, and figures this is what I need to do for i386.

MyOSS Magazine
Remember the days of LinMagAu? Now defunct, but while it was around, every month it got Slashdotted. Ow Mun Heng got enterprising and created Malaysian Open Source Software Magazine, now affectionaly known as MyOSS Magazine. Good first attempt, and hope it continues this way. Pay it a visit, contribute an article or two. Better still, print it for the next install fest or something (there are pretty pictures).

Loaded Familiar 0.8.2 onto the iPaq. Delved into using minicom again, and boy did that bring back old memories. With GPE of course. My Dlink DCF-650W used to work with the slim sleeve, however, no drivers are being loaded now, so I’m sort of wireless impaired at the moment. Even a manual modprobe orinoco_cs seems to not work. However, my full-sized PCMCIA card seems to work nowadays; only catch is using the dual-sleeve, with battery thing, thats huge. Gotta love the new GPE Package Manager (though I think it lacks dependency resolution capabilities). Command line ipkg search seems broken, but listing works. Minimo, vim, and python are on it now. Online screenshot application (scap) works well from the command line and the menu, but via the command line, you get a direct URL to your shots.

Boringness. Its just mad rush before LCA. Plenty to do, not enough time. Went for cell yesterday after a hiatus, and it was surprsingly good. Last day to see S. for a week, till next Saturday. I’m actually going to be missing her.