Some highlights from the Summer of Code

As you all know, MySQL is participating in the Google Summer of Code 2008. Its the community bonding period now, and real work only starts on May 26 2008.

Just a couple of highlights:

  • Raj Kissu Rajandran, a student at APIIT, in Malaysia, is the first Malaysian to participate in the MySQL project. I was under the impression that he was the first Malaysian in general, but it turns out that that he has competition in another project as well… He’s mentored by Marc Delisle from phpMyAdmin, but also has a co-mentor that is Ronald Bradford from PBXT/PrimeBase. Interest stuff.
  • Filippo Bollini, mentored by Brian Aker, has already started writing weekly reports, and has a most impressive week 2. Read it. Its comprehensive.

With Filippo’s amazing weekly reporting structure, I believe all the other students have a big task ahead of them to keep up :)


  1. aussieaubs says:

    the pin of your location at google code – shows you as being resident in australia. hehe move your pin!!

  2. Danny says:

    Good to see a local going far.

  3. Marc Delisle, not Delsie

  4. byte says:

    Hi Sebastian!

    Sorry for the typo, its been fixed