The future is wide open

Village MySQL

So the news is everywhere. Sun has some info, Oracle has some info. If you’re thinking MySQL, you should definitely be at the MySQL Conference & Expo 2009 (if you’re not already registered). Find a speaker, they’ll give you a 20% discount code (heck, find me, I’ll do the same).

What does this all mean for MySQL? You bet you’ll find out a lot at the conference. I can highly recommend the keynote on Tuesday morning – you want to see Karen Padir deliver the State of the Dolphin.

What does this mean for the Linux distributions that MySQL widely supports? Does it mean more software from the Oracle stack will be open source and distributed easily? I don’t know. I find it poignant that I had this open as a tab recently though: Shuttleworth: Oracle a Litmus test for Linux, Ubuntu.

Alas, it also eludes to the band, we all received a little over a year ago. We can all wait and see what happens. The future is wide open.