Job: Java developers for a startup

Program in Java? Want to be challenged? Want to work in a startup-styled environment, yet be happy, knowing that the company itself isn’t a startup (i.e. its backed by over a decade of work, and cashflow)? Well, they are looking for a Senior Software Engineer/Tech Lead and some Software Engineers, to all create an application for enterprise use. The requirements are here (in PDF), the salary is expected to be high (i.e. 15% higher than average Malaysian rates. at least — so think of a payrise!), and I’m happy to forward resumes over to the company, so drop me an email (with your resume) at and tell me why you’d be a great fit.

Ready for a challenge?

Note: Company is based in Malaysia, so at this stage, I’m told, only Malaysians or those that have work permits for Malaysia, need apply.