MySQL Conference Updates – The day before

‘Tis the day before the O’Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo 2010. You can still register onsite.

This one is long, and is divided into: Keynote Additions, Open Space, The Tweetup, and Videos/Live streaming of keynotes.

Keynote Additions
The earlier lineup was already excellent, and now we’ve filled it up more. In particular, let me draw attention to:

  1. Tuesday, 10.00-10.20am: MySQL at Facebook – Mark Callaghan. Last year Mark gave you insight into his work at Google, this year he will tell you more about MySQL at Facebook.
  2. Wednesday, 10.00-10.20am: Under New Management: Next Steps for the Community – Sheeri K. Cabral. Sheeri gave a community keynote last year, and it is repeated again this year, especially since we’ve had an interesting year.
  3. Thursday, 9.15-10.00am: The Engines of Community – Jono Bacon. He wrote a great book, The Art of Community, and he’s the Ubuntu Community Manager.
  4. Thursday, 10.00-10.20am: Best of Ignite MySQL. This one gets made up as we go along ;) Get a preview at the Ignite MySQL the day before.
  5. Thursday, 3.50-4.35pm: RethinkDB: Why Start a New Database Company in 2010 by Slava Akhmechet and Michael Glukhovsky. I’m particularly excited by this – Slava and Michael are the founders of RethinkDB, and their target? MySQL on SSDs.

Open Space
Last year we had MySQL Camp. This year we have an Open Space. Feel free to schedule talks, promote it guerilla style, and run your own side sessions. It does not even need to be sessions – organise hackfests, tutorials, etc.

Twitter much? There exists a Tweetup!
If you’re on Twitter, follow the #mysqlconf hashtag (and the @mysqlconf account for latest news, discounts, contests, events, general happenings, etc.). Why not, at 9pm Tuesday night, meetup at the Lobby Bar, for the MySQL Conference & Expo Tweetup. There will be drink coupons and then a no-host bar open afterwards, so come one, come all.

If you’re on Foursquare, why not come there, check in and try and get a Swarm badge?

Videos/Livestreaming available
Want to know what Edward Screeven has to say about MySQL at Oracle? Can’t be at the conference? Pay close attention the live stream. This is something we’ll do for keynotes. You can also look at recorded videos at the channel. Ignite sessions will also be recorded. Main conference sessions will not be officially recorded, so come on by to the conference to see them happen!