Using MariaDB in production?

MariaDB 5.1 was released in February 2010. MariaDB 5.2 was released in November 2010. In terms of download numbers of MariaDB binaries from, we’ve seen 4x growth, and this is always good news (yes, we had our best download month in November 2010).

I run MariaDB on about six production servers of mine. All the Monty Program infrastructure that uses a database runs MariaDB (varying from 5.1 and 5.2). Monty Program have customers that are using MariaDB in production, and for that, watch out for some case studies.

Now I’d like to know: are you running MariaDB in a production environment?

Does it power your blog? Does it power a huge number of your servers? Have you migrated from another database? I’d like to know. Please shoot colin[AT]montyprogram[dot]com an email so I get a better feeling of how much MariaDB is being used in production environments. Who knows, it might even make a good case study?

P/S: Don’t forget that you can utilise the Powered by MariaDB badges.