DiGi’s awesome customer service

People are always in shock & awe when they find out that DiGi, one of the largest three telcos in Malaysia, had an employee that went out of their way to help me solve a problem in February 2011. So I naturally wrote to their CEO, Henrik Clausen, on Charlie’s can-do attitude. This was sent on 22 February 2011 14:35:10 GMT+08:00. I’m publishing it here so I don’t have to retell the story at bars, meetups, etc.

Dear Henrik,

As I am about to get on the same weekly call that I got disconnected from last week, I figured now is the best time to write a quick can-do note for one of your employees who went out of their way to solve my problem – Charlie Chia.

A little backstory. I’ve been a DiGi customer since March 2009, when MNP was enabled. It seemed time to become an Enterprise customer, so that was what I decided on the 10th or 11th of February 2011. My DiGi assigned provider told me that the numbers that were to be ported in would need new SIM cards but the current DiGi numbers should be fine.

On February 14, he was rather frantic that the DiGi SIMs also needed to be changed, but there was no way he could pass me the SIM cards then. On February 15 at about 4.30pm while I was on a conference call, my line went dead it just said “emergency calls only”. It was a public holiday of some sort, but I work most times when I’m in the country (I’m sure you understand running a business is tough and requires commitment).

I tweeted at about 5pm, thinking nothing of it. The @DiGi_Telco account seemed to also be on vacation. But what happened later was what was most amazing. Twitter user @CharlieChia told me that he will solve this problem for me, and by about 10.15pm or so, he brought the SIM card to me at Royal Oak in Jaya One, where I was wrapping up my second last meeting for the night.

Now that is service. And a total Can-Do for Charlie Chia

On the morning of the 16th February, I received all the other SIM cards for my accounts. All is well. We’re happy DiGI Enterprise customers now

And I am your loyal evangelist, because I cherish good service, and I ensure it is rewarded