Book: MariaDB Crash Course

Exciting news – MariaDB gets its first book!

Many years ago I read Ben Forta’s MySQL Crash Course . It is a book targeted at beginners of MySQL. Ben has now written another book, titled: MariaDB Crash Course.

Its still targeted at beginners, and covers many of the new features that are available in MariaDB up to version 5.2. I had the pleasure of pre-reading it, and did send in lots of comments to Ben, and if implemented we’ll see some stuff in there that is current even for MariaDB 5.3, like dynamic columns and more.

You can pre-order the MariaDB Crash Course which goes on sale September 23 2011 for USD$29.99 (Amazon lets you save, its $19.59 now). I’m not sure if we’ll see a Kindle version or not.