Bitbucket does git

I’ve been a paying Github customer for quite some time. I like having private repositories. I didn’t realise that Bitbucket was purchased by Atlassian, and more interestingly, they’re now offering Git support.

For me, this beats the pants off Github. There might be more community at Github (cue: how Sourceforge is sort of dying), and I’m not ditching Github, but I’m definitely realising I can save money from now on (Github’s cheapest plans start at $7/month for private repos).

So how does Bitbucket compare in terms of pricing? 5 free users for private repositories. Unlimited public/private repositories. If I hit more than 5, the next 5 users cost $2/month each ($10/month for 10 users). Clear win.

Bitbucket also has a migration tool on the Web that allows you to import repositories. It didn’t take much work for me, and I’ve just cancelled my Github subscription. I’m not cancelling my Github account because whatever is public still works… but for private stuff, Bitbucket seems to be the winner.