Working at home

Petai is a Malaysian gemI’ve always enjoyed working at home. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I got myself an office. I still don’t use the office that much, with the exception for storage. I try to check in from time-to-time since I do have a room there, but I’m still largely a mobile worker.

Today, I’m sitting in my parents house and can hear extreme drilling from a house renovating nearby.

In offices, you can’t do drilling/renovation works until the evening and most likely its usually only on weekends. At homes, you can’t do drilling/renovation works unless its confined between the 8am-5pm timeframe.

Overall, home renovations tend to be extensive. Imagine working from home and listening to drilling/knocking/banging for about six months?

As a proponent of using Bose noise canceling headphones (Bose QC-15), I can assure you it doesn’t help.