Sara’s JewelPie – I’m getting some great food!

Lately Sara’s been cooking a lot as she makes recipes for JewelPie.

Over the weekend, I had some petai pizza toast. Just bread, with toppings like tomato paste, cheese, mushrooms, onions, and petai (Parkia speciosa).

Sara's petai pizza toast - bread, tomato paste, cheese, mushrooms, onions & petai. Yummy!

Yesterday, I got to try the Mini pepperoni pizza. It really can be made in about 15 minutes and I had no idea that as a base, gyoza/wantan/dumpling pastry works a charm. I’m a big fan of the “Hawaiian pizza”, so I got bacon & pineapples on my pizza. It was wonderful!

Bacon mini Hawaiian pizza by Sara. Recipe is on

For dessert, I had jambu (syzgium) with some asam. It came with rather interesting presentation skills!

Dessert. Healthy. Loving.