Which Linode is the best if you serve a Malaysian audience

On 19 April 2010, I did some quick research to see which Linode host was right for you, if you were serving mostly Malaysian clients. I did traceroutes and looked at the output of curl. Linode provides speedtest files for you (they’re 100MB in size). I tested it against Streamyx 512kbps and 4mbps accounts (something that I can say was popular in Malaysia back in 2010). I intend to repeat this test again soon, but I have no longer got any Streamyx accounts available, so I expect all this should be much faster.

Server 512kbps
tracert hops
512kbps avg download speed 512kbps time spent 4mbps tracert hops 4mbps avg download speed 4mbps time spent
London 8 52722 0:33:08 8 103k 0:16:24
Newark 11 52561 0:33:14 11 192k 0:08:52
Atlanta 12 52663 0:33:11 13 261k 0:06:31
Dallas 16 47762 0:36:35 16 99k 0:17:07
Fremont 9 52338 0:33:23 9 408k 0:04:10

From the table above, you want the highest average download speed, with the lowest time spent. Upon multiple tests, on a 512kbps link, London was the quickest in terms of delivery (it also only took 8 hops to reach). However on the 4mbps link, its clear that Fremont is the best, even though it took 9 hops to reach.

Conclusion for me back then was that Fremont is a clear winner so choose a server based in Fremont. Tokyo didn’t exist before. Go on, host at Linode, they’re a great VPS provider.