Being attentive

We just won a lot of money!As I always do, I make last minute purchases for Christmas. It’s not because of the lack of planning, more so that I’m getting busier despite the holiday season approaching.

From 10am – 10.06am I called Machines in Gardens. No one would pick up the phone. I called iStore by C-Zone in Publika. Quick answer (picked up the phone within 4 rings), stock was available, so I reserved a few units. Within a span of 1.5 hours, I had my Christmas presents ready.

You win business by picking up the phone. 

At Harrods yesterday, there were three concessions that we spent some time around – Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. Sales people at Louis Vuitton always seemed busy and generally left one part of their concession empty. They weren’t busy per se, just not engaging. At Chanel, you could go grab a bag off the shelf yourself. At Gucci, they paid good attention to you, spent time with you and engaged heavily. Guess who won the sales then? 

Pick up your phone. Be attentive to your customers needs. Serve in the service industry. You will be rewarded by being successful in business.