March 2016 MariaDB Server related worklog

Spent about a week in Lombok for vacation, and there’s been a lot of internal stuff going on that I can’t talk about yet. A quarter now done.

  • Reviewed & edited Eating our own dog food — Running JIRA on MariaDB.
  • Spend time editing a whitepaper, basically fact-checking it in an in-depth fashion. Giving more low-level feedback.
  • Prepare for my talks at FLOSSUK, London and FOSSASIA, Singapore. Had to pull out of speaking in beautiful Prague because I can’t be on two continents at once (and I couldn’t find a replacement speaker from MariaDB Corporation either).
  • Created a survey on SurveyMonkey to see what kind of hands on training the MariaDB Corporation Professional Services team would need during the next company meeting.
  • Handle Google Summer of Code 2016 admin; answer student questions, etc.
  • It would be nice to see XA support for Galera Cluster for further SPIDER integration.
  • Gave 2 talks at FLOSSUK and 1 at FOSSASIA.
  • Preparing for a busy April: company meeting including training the PS team; in Bangalore (talk and a tutorial), Percona Live Santa Clara (talk and a tutorial), and then in Berlin (talk). Tutorials require exercises and this definitely takes some time to prepare.
  • Filed: MDEV-9804 FR: sha256_password plugin – this is important for compatibility as SHA1 alone might not clearly be good enough (this was brought up at a conversation at FLOSSUK).
  • Spent a week doing customer meetings in Seoul, South Korea. Lots of time going deeper into Oracle 11g / MariaDB Server features, holes, figuring out different architecture ideas, etc. Customers and their Excel sheets; took 4h for one comparison of Q&A! The reportage for this is only for internal company use.
  • Setup and deal with account for our upcoming Berlin event
  • Customer/prospect email bumped up to us count: 9. Alliances related emails/chats count: 4. Management level emails: 5
  • Blogged:
    1. Speaking in March 2016
    2. Speaking in April 2016