Life with Rona – Day 44

Had about 6 hours of sleep, Oura was not pleased. Roti telur for breakfast and pizza for dinner. Ping’s exercise and launch of new studio today. Woohoo. Will have to do Nick’s class, remedially, tomorrow morning. As usual, got my Apple Watch April 2020 badge for completing my move goals (all under and MCO where I never left my house).

Malaysia’s Covid-19 situation: 6,002 (+57) total cases, 4,171 (+84) recoveries, 102 (+2) dead. 36 in ICU beds, 14 on ventilators.

What oh what is happening in Malaysia… we see the shuttering of Blu Inc, which employs over 180 people, and they made so many magazine titles (albeit none that I’ve bought recently). We’ve seen the likes of Hilton KL offer retention, and retrenchment packages (but nothing is odd here, it is common amongst most of the hotels forced to shut under the MCO). But maybe most interesting are the rumours of the lockdowns being eased as soon as Monday, the Fourth of May. It all started with a piece from China Press, but seems to be confirmed by TMI, and Malaysiakini. So maybe things are getting to a stage where the government is taking things seriously?

Though, some hire purchase loan promises (for car loans), seem to be walked back today, and people are a flutter. However I think the government never talked to the banks about this when they made an announcement and likely didn’t even read the Act carefully. They should have compensated the banks, but nope, they expected the banks to take on the brunt of it.

Let us see what 11am brings… will we see an eased MCO? The new normal?