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Sloggi: Art for Humanity

Something about bloggers supposedly writing things as they happen right? No wait, those are blogger-wannabe-journalists *grin*. Anyway, if you’re up for a write-up, read Aaron Chew’s entry about the Sloggi, Art for Humanity day at Sunway Lagoon Resort. The only way I aim to please, is via photos – Sloggi: Art for Humanity – a set of nearly a thousand photos.

I had a media pass – all thanks to Talents Magazine – not that it really mattered, as there were lots of amateur photographers there, crowding the area, looking to capture the moment. Want to know what successfully separated the wheat from the chaff?

The rain. It came, and it poured. Some scurried under tents (and tried to get people to move out of the way). Some managed to scurry under an umbrella. Most ran away, to protect their precious gear. I, I stayed. And shot through the rain. Much to everyone’s surprise.

The highlights, from me?

Suki, a singer, who ate at Mr. Teppanyaki before performing, because I ate there too

The Balloon Competition Winners

The Balloon Competition Winners pt. II

How quickly can you take off a bra?

The models, with body paint

The models, with body paint

I’m too lazy to wade through the entire set of photos again… You go ahead and enjoy the set. Sloggi: Art for Humanity is where its at.

There, that wasn’t so bad. August 23rd 2008 was when the event was at… Its only September 9th 2008 now :)