hello world

“The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention.”

Richard Moss

i just slept for what must’ve been a good ten hours or more. boy does waking up from that make you feel refreshed. i miss my days of long sleep :-)

wednesday, got home, and immediately left to sunway for the dinner/event thing for international peace. good fun, spent time with john, carmen, ruben, sk2, her sister. yet another night at a hotel, tsk tsk. been ages since i had a room share, but we seemed to survive without throwing shoes at each other

work, caught some judo, dinner. walked out of dinner a lot. my tolerance level for silly people is generally pretty high, but i felt my top wanting to blow many a time that night. apparently, i was not the only one who was about to blow their top

then supper. visited mcdonalds, after what must’ve been a very long time. i ate, finally. good company helps that, clearly

short sleep, and then work… met up with aizat, suanie, and headed to izzy. we’ve now booked the speaker’s dinner place. went home, and headed out for dinner with parents. yum. didn’t know halloween was such a big deal here. they downed some margaritas (tgif has some amazing ones). i didn’t. we however had a mostly serious talk, which i was surprised went pretty well :P 42!

caught some crap on cable tv, which explains why i fell asleep on the couch. today, was lunch at some open house… dinner later will also be at some open house. i think i’ll head back to pj tomorrow. busy week ahead.

answer or no answer, i’m glad things are back to normal. anticipation doesn’t kill, really. silence does.

oh, movie updates. haven’t seen that many recently. miss the cinema. caught mamma mia! (great stuff, and the GSC Signature gold class is well worth the rm60 they charge – go there, the privacy, the seats, its all just amazing), and max payne (not so good). 2 in october is not so bad, i guess…

its november now. the year is almost over. boy has it passed by so fast.