MySQL, meets Sun

A lot of people have repeatedly asked me why I’ve not mentioned my thoughts on the Sun-MySQL acquisition (and this blog post, clearly comes almost a month later). I’ve just been pre-occupied and have not had the time to come up with a lengthy blog post. I can however, recommend the following video, created by Mike Lischke, of MySQL Workbench fame.

Naturally, you should also read the Q&A Session with Marten Mickos, that was mostly whipped up almost immediately after the acquisition. Editorial kudos on that one goes to Lenz Grimmer, Steve Curry, and Zack Urlocker. I pretty much had those thoughts that Marten answered really quickly, so I hope the Q&A is a good reflection.

But what does this all mean for me? Its too early to tell, right? Besides, I do know the Sun community quite a bit, having spent quite a few years working on (from the unofficial FAQ, to being a community marketing contact, to PowerPC and OS X porting work – heck, at the 2005, I was the Sun Regional Delegate, nationally within Australia which tacked on a great prize of going to OLS, and my first time meeting Simon Phipps), so I should be stoked, in general ;)

Thats not to say, I didn’t ask my colleague Lenz, seated next to me, if this was some kind of joke. He reassured me, it wasn’t. On internal IRC, Kaj then posted the link to his blog post Sun acquires MySQL, and at that point in time, I realised, it was all true. Monty was positive about it on internal IRC, and if its OK for Monty, it must be OK for the rest of us.

Here’s to the next chapter in MySQL’s story.

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