Abdullah and a shisha shop

Abdullah visits KL
We haven’t seen Abdullah since we left high school. He scooted of on a plane in no time, after the main graduation party. It was fun catching up with him, listening to all the great stories he had to tell us, about life, and how he’s touching hearts, even as a doctor in training. It is a pity he came by for a few days – at least he fit us into his schedule!

Abdullah visits KL
Anne and Serhan. Cute, aren’t they? Anne’s a really smart cookie, doing a biotech degree, and considering furthering her studies. She seems to always be stressed about weekly tests, but we’ve assured her they don’t last forever.

Don’t hesitate, to see the rest of the gang, attempting to inhale shisha (apparently, also known as hookah). Originated in India, but popular in the Arab world. Impressive. Oh, the rest of the gang – clicky clicky.