Google Documents, Percipitate

I’ve been starting to use Google Documents more and more, lately. Its great for collaborating with people, that are not within your Intranet – i.e. gone are the days of using the internal wiki.

But the Wiki has a good feature – the history of a page. Tools -> Revision History seems to solve that for me, in Google Docs (apparently, File -> Revision History works too).

It would be nice if there were more fonts available… some truly libre fonts, like Liberation.

On the Mac, another tool that’s worth installing is precipitate. It allows indexing of your Google Documents in Spotlight, so you can use “unified search” to find your documents on your desktop, and “in the cloud”. Haven’t found the equivalent for Linux.

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  1. Danesh says:

    I have totally converted to Gdocs for a few months now. Even my family has been forced into it.

    Life is so much more simpler without installers….