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Evernote + Instapaper search tip

I use Evernote a lot. And I also love the read-it-later service Instapaper. When I power through my Instapaper queue, I occasionally like articles (though I mostly archive articles). When I like articles, they get saved to Evernote automatically, in full-text, parsed via Instapaper (so its pretty text and images, no junk ads, etc.).

What do you do with all the notes that accumulate in your Evernote inbox? Run the search: You'll find everything relevant, and you can move it to another notebook.

If for some reason it doesn't work, try running and saving this search on the web interface, and then sync, to execute locally on the Mac client.

Keeping the (content on the) Internet relevant

The Internet is a great tool, but the problem with the Internet is outdated information. I was looking to find the famous Foh San Restaurant in SS2, and while the Internet suggested it did exist, Foh San closed down in SS2 sometime in 2007. The only Foh San Restaurant that exists now is in Ipoh (not SS2), and from what I hear, they plan to open another one in SS2 or the surrounding areas sometime in 2009.

Now, back to the outdated information on The Internet. Look at dineMalaysia. It looks like it was last updated in 2004. A lot can change with regards to restaurants and bars in a period of four years. Their database is also shared with some Expat eatery site. Another catalogue site lists it, but I wonder how many restaurants on that list don’t exist anymore.

The importance of catalogue websites is that they need to be constantly updated. It has to be spurred by someone (maybe the tourism ministry?), and have the capability to be cool enough to have a community built around it. The way I see it, is it should be That’s Melbourne! with a community.

The only clue I got that Foh San in SS2 had closed was from this blog entry – “… the new Korean BBQ shop (formerly Foh San Restaurant branch)”.

This however, didn’t help me, as I had already spent time looking for it. Searching by relevancy, which can also suggest dated content, doesn’t help when there is a lack of information, does it? I see a book about Google’s search algorithms in the bookstore, but I’ve yet to pick it up. I’m just curious, how catalogue information can:

  1. stay updated, constantly
  2. be relevant

(1) is easy to solve… It has to involve a community. I guess that will fix (2) too… so how do you get a community involved in catalogue information? Shouldn’t be too hard considering its food and beverage related. Bottom-line is, there needs to be traction built around it…

Google Documents, Percipitate

I’ve been starting to use Google Documents more and more, lately. Its great for collaborating with people, that are not within your Intranet – i.e. gone are the days of using the internal wiki.

But the Wiki has a good feature – the history of a page. Tools -> Revision History seems to solve that for me, in Google Docs (apparently, File -> Revision History works too).

It would be nice if there were more fonts available… some truly libre fonts, like Liberation.

On the Mac, another tool that’s worth installing is precipitate. It allows indexing of your Google Documents in Spotlight, so you can use “unified search” to find your documents on your desktop, and “in the cloud”. Haven’t found the equivalent for Linux.