Recycling, it must be done

I’m used to separating my trash. Recyclables, non-recyclables, never greens because I don’t dig gardens. It came as a surprise to me that here in Malaysia, recycling is not compulsory, and all trash just hits the landfills.

I am however, pleased to say that for the last couple of months, the trash has been separated. Not only has in been separated, its been mounting in the back yard, needing attention.

I gave it its due attention today. Behold, the PJ Recycling Centre (thanks to @nazroll from Twitter).

All the newspapers, plastic containers/bottles, aluminium drink cans. All recycled! And you know what’s amusing? Its not free. They pay you to take away your trash! A trunk load of newspapers, and 3 bags of cans and bottles, garnered me RM38. You’d dream of the city council in Victoria paying you for trash ;)

They however, don’t take glass bottles. Does anyone know how I can recycle glass? Typically, I have quite a bit of it – think used Scotch, wine, and champagne bottles.


  1. Danny says:

    I am doing the same for my home nowadays. Infact I’m playing around with a earthworm compost box to work all my food waste.

  2. kaeru says:

    Not sure about PJ, but in Subang we have general recycling bins and centres all over the place in which aluminium cans and glass bottles go into same bins. Plastics and papers are in their own bins. Then there are also charity bins for old reusable items like clothes, blankets and such.

  3. Rick says:

    They have blocked all Raja Petra’s Site again.. Even the mirror site is blocked.. Please help SOS

  4. aussieaubs says:

    due to the expensive nature of recycling glass (via sand) and the $ cost of seperating colored glasses, it is not financially viable to recycle glass. most glass in oz ends up as landfill due to this alarming fact….

  5. byte says:

    @Danny: Considering there’s not much cooking, the earthworm compost won’t work for me… But its a good idea!

    @kaeru: Certainly not seen anything like that in PJ (or Klang). Running to Subang to get rid of my trash is of course, further than I’m willing to go!

    @rick: It should all be fine now

    @aussieaubs: Hmm, then why do we separate the glass? Seems like a waste of effort all round then!

  6. aussieaubs says:

    hey CC – can you say FEEL GOOD MEASURE!! :P
    it happens here in oz as well …. if ppl only really knew how much recycling cannot be recycled and goes into landfill…… Just ask AMCOR for a factory tour. They will tell you.