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Recycling, it must be done

I’m used to separating my trash. Recyclables, non-recyclables, never greens because I don’t dig gardens. It came as a surprise to me that here in Malaysia, recycling is not compulsory, and all trash just hits the landfills.

I am however, pleased to say that for the last couple of months, the trash has been separated. Not only has in been separated, its been mounting in the back yard, needing attention.

I gave it its due attention today. Behold, the PJ Recycling Centre (thanks to @nazroll from Twitter).

All the newspapers, plastic containers/bottles, aluminium drink cans. All recycled! And you know what’s amusing? Its not free. They pay you to take away your trash! A trunk load of newspapers, and 3 bags of cans and bottles, garnered me RM38. You’d dream of the city council in Victoria paying you for trash ;)

They however, don’t take glass bottles. Does anyone know how I can recycle glass? Typically, I have quite a bit of it – think used Scotch, wine, and champagne bottles.