schwag report – pay up immediately!

As a heads up, we’re one day towards and the wheel’s a turning. Our numbers are good – i.e. we’ve officially been oversubscribed. Looking at statistics last generated by Aizat, we have about 20 t-shirts left for those that have already paid to attend the event. That means if you’re still in the unpaid status, don’t hesitate to hop on over and drop us some much needed moolah.

The schwag report: Novell carry bags. Mozilla stickers, pins, tattoos, and more. The very nice t-shirt.

Just remember, schwag are of course for a first registered, first paid, first given basis :) There’s a limited amount of schwag, so what are you waiting for? Go on and pay us already.

You can also of course walk in to the event and pay on the spot. Its just that schwag will almost definitely be limited/non-existent!

Less than 20 hours to the event, or so says the countdown on Excited!
Update: Just to be clear. If you’ve paid up, you’re getting your schwag. Officially, there are about 20 more slots to completion till we hit schwag fatigue, so beyond that, there are no guarantees of goodies. So pay up, and pay early!