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It’s over! I can’t speak for the others, but I know I’m still recovering. In summary: the event was awesome.

The Organising Committee

First, a word of thanks, to the people that didn’t get enough of it – the amazing organising committee, who scurried around for both the days (and much before that too – besides, we only had 43 days), to make sure things were a-happening. In no particular order:

  • Aizat – You rock. From handling the registrations (since we don’t have a good payment gateway in Malaysia, he had to see photos, scanned receipts, and a lot more crap), to handling the registration desk, to writing “updates?” to the mailing list, to creating the initial website, to updating the website as and when I tell him to, to handling the volunteers and probably so much more – you rock. Thank you. You are now officially the registration and website dude.
  • Ditesh – From the initial website, right down to monitoring the halls, to giving suggestions to whom might be great local speakers, to dropping in and giving a most fabulous keynote, you rock.
  • Angch – Hall monitor, to bank account bootstrapper, and all around great help, you rock. Thanks for also getting your company to be a sponsor!
  • Yoon Kit – From the press, right down to the speaker gifts, if it wasn’t for you, there would be no opening keynote. You rock!
  • Kaeru – From the initial idea, to handling the PR, for sponsoring the event, and for giving a last minute talk about ORCA, while the speaker was down with a bad fever, you rock. And folk, he did this all while changing jobs!
  • Izhar – You did the posters. You did the amazing “I Love…” badges. You handled the food preparation. You also participated in a “side session”. You sorted out hotels. And you had exams on Monday (the day after You rock for being an all round gopher! Your mother also rocks :)
  • Yondie – You’re Mr. Subway. Thank you for sorting out the food, and thank you for harnessing the power of volunteers to make sure things ran smoothly. You are now officially the food dude (probably alongside Izhar :P).
  • Wariola – You’re Mr. T-Shirts. Without you, there will be no t-shirts, so you rock!
  • Gurdip – Not enough can be said about you. Thank you for giving us the great location, that was APIIT, to sorting out the logistics, the driver, the booking of hotels, to getting the nice (and easy on the eyes) volunteers, to making sure the network worked, to ensuring we had power sockets, you rock!
  • Suanie – Without you, we would have no speaker/organiser/volunteer party. Without you, there would be no press. You rock, and we’re sorry you couldn’t be at the event (hope the weekend in Singapore was productive, though).
  • Firdaus – For registering events, with the RoS, and for also going to get that bank account, you rock.

The Volunteers
Thank you for taking time off from your busy weekend, to come spend time with a bunch of free and open source lovers. There has to also be a special mention to Sean, who single-handedly sorted out the logo for us, early in the game.

The rest
Speakers, you rock. Without you, there would be no event in under 45 days (on Sunday, led the 45th day).

Sponsors, you rock. Without you, this event would have to cost a lot more money, and nobody would have liked that.

If I missed anyone, E&OE.

In conclusion
I believe has been deemed as a technical conference. Fluffy talks weren’t taken kindly to, even during the lighting talk sessions.

I believe will continue to exist in 2009.

I believe will be longer than two days, to ensure that there is enough time to move in between rooms, hack while you’re there, and so on.

So, to 2009, bigger and better, and a lot more well planned, than 2008 :) Don’t forget to give us feedback. schwag report – pay up immediately!

As a heads up, we’re one day towards and the wheel’s a turning. Our numbers are good – i.e. we’ve officially been oversubscribed. Looking at statistics last generated by Aizat, we have about 20 t-shirts left for those that have already paid to attend the event. That means if you’re still in the unpaid status, don’t hesitate to hop on over and drop us some much needed moolah.

The schwag report: Novell carry bags. Mozilla stickers, pins, tattoos, and more. The very nice t-shirt.

Just remember, schwag are of course for a first registered, first paid, first given basis :) There’s a limited amount of schwag, so what are you waiting for? Go on and pay us already.

You can also of course walk in to the event and pay on the spot. Its just that schwag will almost definitely be limited/non-existent!

Less than 20 hours to the event, or so says the countdown on Excited!
Update: Just to be clear. If you’ve paid up, you’re getting your schwag. Officially, there are about 20 more slots to completion till we hit schwag fatigue, so beyond that, there are no guarantees of goodies. So pay up, and pay early! open for participation

What started as some chat about having a one-day event, after MyGOSSCon, on the 26th of September 2008, about open source, has turned into a full-blown conference, to be pulled off in about a month, affectionately known as Its being held at APIIT from November 8-9 2008, and is touted to be the most technical conference of its kind in South East Asia.

We want people to participate as speakers, delegates, sponsors, or volunteers. This is a grassroots event, and its purely non-commercial – no vendor talks, or marketing gimmicks are permitted. Largely the motto is very – both community events I truly enjoy going to, and wouldn’t miss for the world.

The Call for Participation is open till midnight October 10 2008, so if I were you, I’d rush and submit some topics. If you’re nearby – Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, the rest of South East Asia, it would be silly not to show up, with all the budget carriers there are today (maybe next time, we’ll get an official airline ;)).

Conferences must have themes, and is no exception. We believe the world is just awesome, and there’s so much FOSS goodness that can be shared with others. So if you’re involved in something free and open source related, its only sensible that you submit a talk topic. Share the knowledge, foster more open source development growth and contributions.

There are expected to be talks on topics such as: hacking on phpMyAdmin (a Google Summer of Code Project, run under the MySQL project), MyMeeting (a Malaysian government open source project), Asterisk, Django, CSS, source control, OSS Development on OS X, PHP, open source databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.), and the list goes on. There will be four great keynotes, and lightning talk sessions (so everyone can share).

Just show us your awesomeness. Read more from Aizat, Khairil, and Izhar.