On power outlets

Starbucks, Coffee Bean, and many other chains, aren’t afraid to let you use their electricity (and at some places, free WiFi), because they know you’ll be buying coffee, food, and more. I however, took offence to the Secret Recipe, in Plaza Mont Kiara – the management there find it offensive to allow people to plug their laptops in!


However, running a Christmas tree from another socket was fine. I think they’ve just lost my business, and probably every other laptop toting yuppie reading this.


  1. lotso says:

    pre-requisites for choosing my grub locations.

    Price, Wifi and Power Outlets.

    between a place w/ wifi and no wifi, I’ll go to the place with FREE wifi (and not those where you need to login. eg: streamyx hotspot / Maxis / airzed)

  2. Ruben says:

    Maybe the outlet was faulty?

    If it screwed your laptop you would be mightily pissed

  3. byte says:

    @lotso I’m sure there are more consumers out there like you (and me) :)

    @ruben Nah, I asked. They said management didn’t want anyone plugging their laptops in. The words stingy for electricity were heard.