Branding mind tricks

So, I just came back from watching Star Trek, which I believe premiered tonight. I’m by no means a Trekkie, but I think the movie was great — you don’t need to be a die-hard fan, to enjoy the show.

Some friends of mine, had already seen the movie last week, as it was available for friends and family of the screening company. Both @mikefoong and @thechannelc didn’t notice the Nokia phone quite early on in the film.

But they did, this time around. Coincidentally, Nokia did sponsor the screening.

Does the mind play tricks when it comes to branding? I know most of the James Bond films have Sony-Ericsson phones there. I distinctly noticed the Nokia, but then again, maybe I always notice phones.


  1. suanie says:

    i think i was already programmed to notice any nokia phones. but i think i would have recognised it anyway, because of its signature ring tone and the big ass nokia logo on the touch screen. was a nice sequence

  2. davidlian says:

    If that was anything to go by, the future will be all about MONOCHROME touch-screen phones docked in cars. Enjoy!

  3. Carolyn Chan says:

    you know that was a nokia phone in an antique car? nokia looked as old as the car even the ringtone has a nostalgic ring to it. lol. so at that moment, are we looking at a technology of the past? or the movie’s present, because we know nokia’s batteries have not been known to last past 2 years? lol. Nokia should have branded the tricorders. Now that would have rocked the brand!