CentOS 5.3, yum update fails?

I’m a big CentOS fan. I think servers these days should either be Ubuntu Servers or CentOS based, and nothing else, if you’re going the Linux route.

CentOS 5.3, on the x86_64 platform, seemed to have an issue where yum would cause a traceback, with file.x86_64 0:4.17-15.el5_3.1. There is a bug open for it, but it apparently doesn’t happen on all systems.

The magic around this is to really just run yum clean all, and then run yum update. What that basically does is it cleans all packages that are cached in the system, as well as removes all header files used for dependency resolution.

I haven’t heard jokes about RPM hell in a long time… I am thinking that its mostly disappeared, and largely this is thanks to dependency resolution provided for by yum.


  1. biatch0 says:

    Blasphemy!!! Gentoo for life!!!

  2. aubrey says:

    thanks for the tip bytey!…. any chance you can make a short tutorial on how you go about fixing things in linux.eg:how to search repo’s, go through logs and dissect an error and fix it. Ive seen many of your blog postings and how you make it sound so easy… I am sure you use a certain handful of commands that allow you to fix any problem and reach out to the repo’s and customize a box quickly. I would like to see that. it doesnt need to be too lengthy or elaborate…