A new phone, new for 9 months?

Apple is right. What sucks is that they make you wait one whole quarter before you get the new iPhone. So you really only have it as a “new phone” for 3 quarters. A mere 9 months.

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I remember similar priced smartphones, like the Nokia Communicator, be the device to have for up to 36 months. When was the last time your iPhone device lasted for 36 months? Software wise, it usually does well though (kudos Apple, you didn’t screw up like the iPad). When was the last time you used a similar priced Android phone for 36 months?

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  1. Khairil Yusof says:

    I’m still using my Xperia android phone after 13 months. It was a mid end phone less then half price of iPhone. It runs all the latest apps from Google and other vendors. I’m still happy with it, and all it needs is a new replaceable battery that only costs USD10 to make it last for another year, making my USD250 phone last 24 or more months. Even if I replaced it with a new water proof current Arco S I would still be ahead in spare change from iPhone 4s owner.