giving up on phpwebhosting for dreamhost

Setting @ICWestminster clubi’ve made numerous complaints, and i’ve finally decided to give up on phpwebhosting where i’ve been hosting the www components of for many years. why? very high load averages which lead to there being errors establishing connection to the databases. heck, httpd can’t push content either (static). it can occur when i post a new blog post. it can occur when someone else does so. its woefully annoying, and this is a goodbye to shared hosting with them.

machines with 1gb of ram, 2gb of swap, 4 cores Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 2.40GHz.

[byte@chop byte]$ uptime
12:32:52 up 46 days, 14:23, 1 user, load average: 41.76, 15.03, 5.88

when all is said and done, this was just $10/month. 

so where am i going? dreamhost. it is still shared hosting, but back in 2010 i signed up for a free account that gave me unlimited space. load averages seem to be a lot more sensible and there’s terabytes of storage space for users. pingdom suggests less than 4 minutes downtime in the last month which i consider acceptable.

this is also a great month to do it – i’ve been blogging with wordpress since january 2004 and its been at phpwebhosting ever since. farewell old host.