Regular creation

Prawn mee & tiger beer - Malaysian dinner!I aim to create in 2013. Many people do #365, a photo of the day, etc. I’m going to attach it to a daily blog post and not talk too much about the photo, unless I want to :-)

I tend to upload photos to Instagram on a daily basis. It naturally gets synced to my Flickr photo page too.

Can I post photos daily? Sometimes, I am stuck in a tin can (aka a plane) and its tough. Can I blog daily? I doubt I will have something to say or muse about, but I plan to write more and more. I may play catch up (like I did over the weekend).

All in, let’s see how long this journey lasts!

Photo: Taken after reaching back home to Malaysia after a two-week vacation in Europe. That’s some prawn mee & a Tiger beer. It felt good.